Our leadership team is merely part of the extraordinary Cicero Group team. Our skill sets are broad and our experience is deep, allowing us to bring a breadth and depth of capabilities to all of our client engagements.

Chad Berbert

Principal and Practice Lead

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Dr. Trent Kaufman

Senior Partner

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Randy Shumway

Founder and Chair

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Jacob Allen

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Dr. Catherine Jaynes

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Kerri Briggs

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Our Purpose

At Cicero Group, our Government team brings a combination of experience, passion, and ethics. Our team members have a depth of experience working at the Federal, State, and Local government levels.  We also come with experience at top-tier strategy consulting, research, and non-profit firms.  This experience helps us deliver cutting edge methodologies and perspectives to every government project. We bring credentials from top-tier institutions, and experience in a variety of industries to inform our client solutions.  Most of us speak multiple languages and we have collectively lived and worked across six continents.

Our teams are passionate about the work they do and the results they drive. We work hard to delight clients and continually improve every aspect of our approach.  Our culture is one of over delivering on expectations and our clients routinely praise us for our responsiveness, our speed, and our ability to deliver valuable insights. At the end of the day, not only are our teams experienced and passionate, but they are ethical, down-to-earth, and friendly. We look to hire the best “all-around” people, and our clients frequently tell us that they love working with Cicero.  We are great at what we do: helping people create and continuously deliver extraordinary results.

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