Transforming Performance (Part 3)

Transforming Performance (Part 3)

In recent years, Cicero Group has helped improve performance within business, education, government, international development, and private foundations. We have harnessed these principles into our Cicero Performance Transformation Process (PTP), which repeatedly helps organizations improve real results: analyzing data, refining strategy, developing solutions, building capacity, monitoring performance, and refining their efforts over time.

In Part 1, we cover the first three principles of our Performance Transformation Process (PTP). In Part 2, we describe building capacity (which is the fourth principle). In this paper, we cover monitoring performance, improving over time, and managing change.

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Jacob Allen

Partner – Managing Director of Social Impact Practice

Jacob has worked with mission-driven organizations for over fifteen years and in a dozen countries around the world. He has led the strategic design, implementation, and measurement of social impact programs run by Presidents Bush and Clinton, Goldman Sachs, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Nature Conservancy, and many others. He serves on the board of directors for Mary’s Meals, which feeds a daily meal in school to one million children living in desperate poverty.