Cicero helps clients in the early phases of a deal to develop a clear strategy and processes that ensure a smooth and painless transition​.

Service lines include:

  • M&A Strategy
  • Strategic Diligence
  • Target Screening
  • M&A Process Development
  • Pre-Deal Financial Analysis
  • Data Room Preparation

Cicero monitors the diligence phase of a deal to ensure transparency to all parties involved.

Service Lines include:

  • Document Support
  • Data Room Management
  • Formalized Request Process 
  • Selection of Third-Party Experts
  • Timeline Enforcement
  • Consistent Management Communication

Cicero ensures thoughtful communication with third parties to maintain consistency throughout a deal.

Service Lines include:

  • Financial & Accounting Oversight
  • Third-Party Engagement
  • Information Consolidation 

Cicero provides oversight on deal closures to let businesses focus on post-merger integration.

Service Lines include:

  • Finalize deal terms
  • Preliminary Integration and Synergy Realization Plan
  • Fund Transfer Oversight

Cicero helps businesses maximize the value of acquisitions through manageable and stress-free integration.

Service Lines include:

  • Quantify Synergies
  • Develop overall integration plans
  • Establish Integration Management Office
  • Track and Report on Return Performance

What our clients are saying

“The Cicero team provides best-in-class services across both due diligence and operation-focused projects. The full team is thoughtful, engaged, and willing to approach each engagement with a unique viewpoint and process.  The team’s honest, data-driven approach is very valuable.”

– Madeleine Esther, Shoreview Industries

“The Cicero team has added value across numerous projects for my firm.  Their team brings an enormous amount of experience – and, most importantly, a “can-do” attitude – to every assignment.  In short, they are a valuable, trusted partner.”

– Andrew Frank, Trive Capital

“Across multiple mandates, Cicero has been an important partner and contributor to our overall diligence process. Their ability to provide meaningful data and insights across a number of different industries in a timely and easily digestible manner has allowed our team to get smarter faster and helped to provide a higher sense of conviction in our investments.”

– Cal Holland, Strattam Capital


Cicero Group is a premier management consulting firm focused on implementing data-driven strategies for a broad mix of private, public, and social sector organizations across the globe. We work with top management to assess needs and provide data-driven decision support to capture and build value in a variety of industries and across a full range of organization structures.

We bring deep functional expertise in advanced research and analytics, strategy, operational excellence and trajectory transformation to identify and capture value for our clients. These are the pillars of Cicero Group’s overarching purpose: Help clients create and continuously deliver extraordinary results.

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