Make Lasting Improvements

We help you make core transformations in marketing strategy and operations to harness digital advantage for true growth.

We leverage partnerships with software and analytics platforms to help you navigate the complexities of today’s business environment and weave digital into every element of your organization.

  • Disrupt competitors’ game-changing strategies
  • Build a digital culture
  • Modernize core operating technology
  • Create innovative digital experiences
  • Invigorate marketing and sales
  • Optimize your operations

Build Value

Leveraging data to anticipate customer needs and actions can amount to substantial changes in the bottom line. Cicero helps clients better target and retain customers, while also helping clients understand where opportunities exist to recommend additional products and services. In addition, we use predictive models to help companies allocate resources in the most profitable and efficient ways possible. Cicero knows how to blend predictive analytics and data science with sound business expertise, resulting in actionable insights and implementable models.

Companies manage what they measure. Therefore, determining how to measure and visualize critical KPIs is key to sustained, high-level business performance and optimization. Cicero’s expertise lies in developing and structuring data, identifying and programming reporting tools, and creating action plans based on report evaluations. We also understand that measuring the impact of new initiatives in a smart, statistically sound manner can either prevent a firm from wasting millions of dollars on unimpactful strategies, or it can help them prioritize strategies that make immediate, real improvement in firm performance. We help our clients identify what matters, measure what matters, and act on what matters most.

We help clients prioritize emerging opportunities, find unexpected value, and create new businesses by harnessing the full power of digital.

We bring deep expertise in many facets of digital, from strategic planning and organizational/culture design to customer facing interactions. Our full-scale digital transformation expertise includes:

  • Designing a digital transformation strategy accounting for current, steady-state operations with the bigger picture long-term implementation in mind.
  • Optimizing the customer acquisition and overall experience by leveraging digital assets.
  • Integrating advanced digital tools and capabilities across all functions of the organization.
  • Transforming business functions with cutting edge technologies and capabilities to support the company’s new digital strategy.

The customer experience is key to building a brand and a company. We push our clients to measure the customer experience at the journey level, as opposed to looking only at transactional touchpoints or overall satisfaction. We also rely upon the latest and greatest tools and technologies that capture customer feedback on a real-time basis from multiple channels and integrate survey results, social-media posts, and operational data into comprehensive, role-specific dashboards. We use a variety of analyses to view customer touch points and how they, the customers, interact with our clients. Based on the data we receive and the observations we make, we develop patterns and strategies to improve customer interaction and brand development.

Digital pricing strategies are often missing a sufficient level of thought and data. Pricing is a process, with the goal of delivering a clear path to maximize your revenue. Picking numbers out of the air — or out of your gut — doesn’t count as a process or a strategy. We work with companies across the pricing journey to build a digital pricing strategy optimized for consistent revenue generation and growth.


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Cicero Group is a premier management consulting firm focused on implementing data-driven strategies for a broad mix of private, public, and social sector organizations across the globe. We work with top management to assess needs and provide data-driven decision support to capture and build value in a variety of industries and across a full range of organization structures.

We bring deep functional expertise in advanced research and analytics, strategy, operational excellence and trajectory transformation to identify and capture value for our clients. These are the pillars of Cicero Group’s overarching purpose: Help clients create and continuously deliver extraordinary results.

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