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Cicero Group understands the complexity of issues facing veterans, military service members, and their families. As an organization that serves these individuals, we work one-on-one to understand personal and systemic challenges, resulting in customized solutions that help those that serve realize extraordinary results.

Our Veteran & Military Affairs practice area works with organizations that serve transitioning military service members, veterans, and their families to identify and address the complex challenges they face. Through the implementation of customized data-driven strategies, veteran cultural competence, and our deep functional expertise in advanced research and analytics, strategy, operational excellence, and transformation, we identify challenges, drive impact, and capture value for our clients that serve those who serve our nation.

Across all types of clients, Cicero provides three core services:

  1. STRATEGY & PROGRAM DESIGN – We help organizations design and implement customized strategies and programs, drawing from their values, data, and desired outcomes to create a clear and specific plan.
  2. DATA ANALYTICS – We analyze and draw key insights from data to help organizations make informed decisions and determine the efficacy of the resources, programs, and services they provide to target populations.
  3. IMPLEMENTATION FOR RESULTS – We partner with organizations to apply implementation science, effective management, and a collaborative, nimble approach to ensure positive outcomes.


Businesses play a critical role in providing meaningful employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for veterans and in fostering critical economic, social, and wellness outcomes for veterans and their families.

Cicero leverages the power of data to provide key insights that inform critical decisions and drive impact for veteran and business outcomes.  We assist in designing core strategies, programs, and services that leverage both internal and external expertise to improve value for companies and better support our military and veteran communities.


  • VETERAN RECRUITMENT, HIRING & RETENTION – Develop targeted strategies that connect organizations with a skilled workforce; design programs and services that maximize development and retention of veteran and military talent.
  • CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, MARKETING & COMMUNICATION– Develop programming that creates shared value for veterans and the firm; design messaging that strengthens brand and reputation, establishing goodwill with customers, employees, and the community.
  • CORPORATE IMPACT ASSESSMENT – Conduct impact assessments that build the business case for veteran and military-focused initiatives.

    Nonprofit organizations and foundations provide resources, services, and solutions to meet critical needs for veterans beyond the capacity of what government provides.

    Cicero conducts rigorous analysis with foundations and nonprofit organizations to develop, refine, and implement strategies that maximize beneficiary impact, donor engagement, and organizational alignment.  Measurable, lasting impact requires a compelling plan, rigorous evaluation, effective program management, and passion and commitment to deliver positive outcomes and impact for veterans and military families.  Cicero is as committed as the clients we serve to ensuring impact for these populations.


    • EFFECTIVE FUNDER & NONPROFIT PARTNERSHIPS – Design strategies and interventions to maximize internal affiliate networks and chapters, external collaboratives, and funder-service provider relationships.
    • PROVING & IMPROVING IMPACT – Intelligently collect and analyze data to determine if desired outcomes for veteran and military populations are being achieved and to drive constant learning and improvement.
    • SCALING FOR IMPACT – Assist organizations in scaling both the reach and quality of engagements and impact as they serve of veteran and military populations.

    Government is the largest and most influential entity responsible for ensuring positive outcomes for our veteran and military populations. Through federal, state, local government, and the U.S. Military, our citizens have invested significant resources on behalf of our veterans and military families.

    Cicero is committed to helping government entities optimize outcomes and maximize precious national resources in support of our veterans and military members. We support federal, state, and local governments to effectively leverage resources to better serve veteran and military populations as they engage with and connect to government programs and services.


    • PROGRAM MANAGEMENT & IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT – Build, establish, and run programs, to include monitoring and evaluation of initiatives; provide implementation support services to government and government-contracted service providers for veterans and military populations across the full continuum of care.
    • INTELLIGENT DATA ANALYSIS – Analyze and draw key insights from data to help government entities make informed decisions and determine the efficacy of direct and indirect government-provided resources, programs, and services for transitioning service members, veterans, and families.
    • WELL-BEING IMPACT ASSESSMENTS – Conduct thorough economic, social, and health and wellness impact assessments for military and veteran populations receiving military and government services and programs.

    For Federal Government contracting purposes, Cicero is classified as a small business per SBA guidelines.  Cicero has an established contracting relationship with the General Services Administration and a contracting vehicle that is accessible government wide. 

    Higher education ensures civilian career readiness and a successful transition from military to civilian life for our veterans and military connected students.

    Cicero develops data-driven strategies to help post-secondary institutions meaningfully improve veteran and military connected student enrollment, experience, and success, while also supporting institutional objectives for sustainable development, operational functions, and program optimization.


    • TARGETED MARKETING & RECRUITMENT – Develop and implement marketing and recruitment strategies that resonate with veteran and military populations and connect them with meaningful educational opportunities.
    • ENROLLMENT PROCESS OPTIMIZATION – Design an enrollment process to help veteran and military students successfully navigate the enrollment process and leverage Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits.
    • ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE PROGRAM DESIGN – Leverage veteran and military data and cultural competence to develop thoughtfully designed curriculum, strategic campus programs, and a connected student experience, that lead to academic success and connection to meaningful employment.

    Serving those who serve our nation

    Learn more about how Cicero Group partners with cross sector organizations to implement data driven strategies to drive impact for veterans and those that serve them.


      We help our clients translate insights about their customers, other offerings in the market, and impact strategy design for veteran and military-focused purpose-driven organizations. Clarity and specificity about the intended impact an organization desires to achieve and how it intends to accomplish that impact is essential. To do this, we combine needs, data, and differentiation to not just create a plan, but to ensure it will be understood, lived, and refined by the entire organization.

      We help:

      • Target grant deployment strategy
      • Design veteran-focused corporate social responsibility initiatives
      • Define and develop qualitative and quantitative primary research
      • Research market landscapes and other offerings
      • Design strategy that aligns with customer needs

        Many organizations in the civilian world value experience, skills, work ethic and training of service members. Organizations often find that a number of military-friendly employers are committed to hiring veterans. Cicero helps design, evaluate and build targeted hiring programs that build capacity and help drive military and veteran integration into the workforce. We help with:

        • Workforce development program design
        • Corporate culture training and customized program implementation
        • Operational excellence initiatives
        • HR and cross-organizational training

        Targeted recruitment efforts require legitimacy and deep expertise of military and veteran needs. We help target recruiting efforts to support programs that ease the transition to post-military life and provide expertise o program development that most resonates with veterans and their families. We first identify and create clubs, advocates and avenues for veterans to engage with and gain knowledge from as they navigate new landscapes and career prospects. Building and fostering a culture of post-military inclusivity requires careful consideration of the multitude of variables and unknowns that often comes post-service. We help mesure and guide:

        • How to retain talent
        • How to translate the skills learned in combat to civilian life
        • Design post-service support programs and initiatives
        • Job placement services and workforce development
        • Career path design and trajectory of growth programs

        Navigating the government contracting landscape is daunting. Cicero Group has years of extensive knowledge-building and contract implementation that helps SDVOBs and other large organizations execute and successfully engage in the government contracting process. Beyond helping organizations to tranform their government contracting performance, we tranform organizations into well-oiled machines that have structured internal programs and processes that ensure success. The Cicero approach is built on the time-tested premise that what one measures, one motivates. We help organizations understand what true impacts they are looking to drive and how to measure to those impacts in ways that motivate effort, action, and investment. We help with:

        • Data strategy
        • Process implementation
        • Program design and development
        • Targeted contract evaluation
        • Sales and marketing transformation

        Nonprofits and foundations often have data they need to make sense of, or know they need to collect data to measure outcomes but are not sure where to start. Cicero Group helps accelerate the potential of data by developing strategy and capacity to turn data into insights, and from there into action across the organization. Cicero understands the power of data and how key insights drive motivation, understanding, and success. We assist in designing core data strategies that leverage both internal and external data to generate insights and make better, faster decisions.

        We help clients:

        • Enhance decision making via data gathering and analysis
        • Improve response times
        • Develop core data dashboards
        • Build a data-driven culture

        Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is crucial to both proving and improving impact. But getting M&E right is hard. We balance strategy, rigor, and efficiency to ensure clients’ have the data they need to exceed stakeholders’ expectations and to drive constant learning and improvement.

        Sample Services:

        • Outcome and metric frameworks
        • Assessment and learning strategies
        • Evaluation and methodology design
        • Long-term and/or rigorous impact evaluations
        • Ongoing performance monitoring
        • Data collection, analysis, and reporting

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        Management Consulting

        Cicero Group is a premier management consulting firm focused on implementing data-driven strategies for a broad mix of private, public, and social sector organizations across the globe. We work with top management to assess needs and provide data-driven decision support to capture and build value in a variety of industries and across a full range of organization structures.

        We bring deep functional expertise in advanced research and analytics, strategy, operational excellence and trajectory transformation to identify and capture value for our clients. These are the pillars of Cicero Group’s overarching purpose: Help clients create and continuously deliver extraordinary results.

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