Transforming Big Data into Competitive Advantage

in the Banking and Finance Industries

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Big data is quickly gaining recognition in the finance industry, yet many companies are moving forward without the necessary and essential planning or expertise. In fact, only 17% of banking executives surveyed believed they were well prepared to prioritize and implement key projects. Therefore, a firm that can take leverage their data intelligently can gain a competitive advantage.

This white paper outlines the key aspects of big data in the realm of banking and finance:

  • There are many ways to make big money from big data: customer retention, targeted marketing, fraud reduction, and more.
  • It is important to act now to be the first mover. Much of the industry is behind at present, but growing awareness and new regulations will level the playing field eventually.
  • Companies that win will be those that best execute in five key areas: strategy, skills, process, systems, and data.
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Randy Shumway

Founder and Chairman

Randy Shumway founded Cicero Group ( in 2001. It began humbly, with four people working out of Randy’s house. At the beginning of 2017, when Randy stepped down as CEO, Cicero had grown to a highly-respected, global management consulting firm. In 2016, Randy was awarded Utah’s Lifetime Accomplishment and CEO of the Year in recognition of his professional accomplishments.

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