SaaS Provider

SaaS Provider

In recent years the company had experienced steady, moderate growth and was forecasted to continue on its current trajectory. However, the company’s board of directors along with the executive team believed their product could be used on a much broader scale which could dramatically grow the business.

After initial stakeholder interviews, Cicero moderated multiple training and brainstorming sessions with the company’s executive team. Through these sessions Cicero was able to help the executive team come to consensus on which potential growth opportunities were perceived as the most attractive and worth further exploration and vetting.

Cicero built multiple financial models for each of the growth opportunities to forecast what the potential return would be. Cicero then presented these models to the executive team and moderated discussion to determine which growth opportunities would be pursued and the strategy required to achieve them. Because of this engagement the company has expanded its international presence, acquired customers from new verticals, and is projected to triple its revenue in three years.

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