Cracking the Code of Effective Transformation

Cracking the Code of Effective Transformation

An old Italian proverb states, “Between saying and doing is half the ocean”—and so it is with organizational change. As global business rapidly evolves, organizations must regularly pivot and adapt to the changing environment. However, leaders managing these organizations are often left searching for the secret ingredient of successful transformation.

Even when implementing go-forward strategy, leaders tend to achieve only temporary results that crumble with time or leadership transition. Worse, leaders may implement new strategic changes that even spark counterproductive outcomes. Consensus among organizational researchers is that roughly 70 percent of all change initiatives fail.

Imagine investing significant funds, time and effort for just a 30-percent success rate! As transformation consultants, we have discovered that the primary reason for initiative failure is, in fact, embedded within the organization itself and therefore has no easy fix. What prevents even the best new ideas from gaining longterm traction? Organizational culture.

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Jason Richards


Jason provides a wealth of knowledge in developing sales and business development strategies for Cicero Group’s largest clients. His expertise also includes process improvement, supply chain management, customer analytics and lifecycle management, risk management among others. Prior to joining Cicero Group, Jason served as the Director of Business Development at Steelcase and then sPower as well as the Vice President of Pacific Pure Energy Capital.

Chad Berbert


Chad has expertise in serving the needs of international, public sector, technology, and healthcare clients of Cicero Group. He previously served as a U.S. Diplomat, working on trade, security, and economic development initiatives. He is a Lauder Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and serves on the Board of Trustees for the Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy.