Effective operations performance management

What to consider

For organizations interested in not only boosting productivity but also increasing employee retention and improving organizational agility, operations performance management is a necessity. Operations performance management is essentially the formal and informal processes within an organization that aim to create alignment between employees, resources, and systems so that the organization can effectively achieve its strategic objectives.

Effective operations performance management results in clear and relevant metrics and targets that are tailored to each level within the organization. By tailoring performance targets to each level within an organization, which also includes proactively engaging employees in the creation of those targets, an organization can generate greater buy-in from employees and establish higher levels of accountability. Additionally, effective operations performance management provides clarity and a sense of purpose as employees can more easily understand the goals of the company, what they are expected to do to achieve these goals, and how their contributions affect the overall growth of the business.

Other benefits of good operations performance management include improved feedback between employees and managers, as well as higher levels of engagement by both employees and managers. Operations performance management enables an organization to more easily and objectively identify and recognize employees who excel, as well as employees that need improvement.

In addition to the benefits to an organization’s people, there’s also the added benefit of being able to see more clearly into the future. Operations performance management can serve as a dashboard that helps organizations move from a reactive to a more proactive state by anticipating and catching problems early.

At Cicero, we help organizations like yours to identify core goals, analyze appropriate data, and define leading indicators and key metrics of business performance.

Our approach is to identify with your leadership team the optimal operational performance objectives and develop an operations performance framework to effectively balance competing objectives.

Typically, we will develop customer, strategic, financial, and employment measures that will provide an ongoing overall understanding of your business – in real-time.

Cicero Group’s operational performance management capabilities will help you:

  • Understand the key drivers of operational performance
  • Establish operational performance benchmarks and goals
  • Create a single source of truth on performance
  • Increase visibility into the organization as well as forward into the future
  • Improve management decision-making and reduce waste
  • Ensure stable and robust business performance

By actively focusing on and improving operations performance management, organizations can promote greater alignment within their organization and develop competitive advantages that lead to continued success.

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