Cicero® Recognized in’s Top 50 Consulting Firms in North America

February 7, 2024 

Cicero® Recognized in’s Top 50 Consulting Firms in North America

SALT LAKE CITY – Cicero, a leading strategy consulting firm, is proud to announce its remarkable achievement in the recent rankings by, a premier platform for employer ratings and insights. In a testament to Cicero’s excellence and commitment to quality services, the firm has achieved significant rankings in multiple categories.

In the prestigious Vault Consulting 50 list, Cicero stands at the 47th position, showcasing its overall excellence in the consulting industry across North America. This ranking is a reflection of Cicero’s dedication to delivering top-notch consulting services and its status as a leader in the industry.

  •’s rankings also highlight Cicero’s commitment to its employees and work culture, with the firm achieving the 17th position in Level of Challenge. This ranking demonstrates Cicero’s dedication to providing challenging and rewarding work that fosters professional growth and development.
  • Further, Cicero is proud to be ranked 19th in Selectivity, a testament to its commitment to attracting and retaining top talent. This selectivity ensures that Cicero’s team is composed of only the most skilled and dedicated professionals in the consulting field.
  • In terms of Internal Mobility, Cicero has been ranked 23rd, reflecting its commitment to career progression and the personal growth of its employees. This ranking showcases Cicero’s focus on providing opportunities for internal advancement and skill development.
  • Cicero also excels in Formal Training, achieving the 24th position, and ranks equally in Relationships with Supervisors, emphasizing the firm’s dedication to structured training programs and fostering strong, supportive relationships within its team.
  • Lastly, Cicero is honored to be recognized for its commitment to diversity, ranking 20th for Diversity for Military Veterans. This ranking underscores Cicero’s dedication to creating an inclusive environment and supporting the transition of military veterans into the workforce.

“We are absolutely thrilled with these rankings, which are a powerful testament to our unyielding dedication to client success, our relentless pursuit of growth and excellence within our team, and our commitment to cultivating a workplace that sets the gold standard in the industry,” said Randy Shumway, CEO of Cicero. “These accolades shine a spotlight on the extraordinary efforts of every single member of our Cicero family, driving us to new heights in the consulting arena.”

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About Cicero:

Cicero® is a premier management consulting firm focused on implementing data-driven strategies for a broad spectrum of private, public, and social sector organizations. The firm is recognized globally for its work in improving performance and driving change across various sectors.

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