Cicero Group is passionately committed to making a substantive contribution to the community in which it resides. As the company’s success expands there should be an exponential augmentation of monetary and time-allocated contributions. The intent of the company is to donate a meaningful percentage of its profit to worthy causes each year.

Semi-annually, the company’s charitable contribution and social impact committee (made-up of members at all levels in the organization) will meet to review prospective social impact initiatives Cicero can support. Worthy causes will be evaluated and weighted based on the following criteria:

Objectives must have the primary focus of improving outcomes in one of the following areas:

  • Public Education – measurably improving student learning, particularly for our most vulnerable populations
  • Caring for the Immediately Destitute (e.g. resource centers, feeding the hungry, combating mental health difficulties, substance abuse, and domestic abuse)

    In order for Cicero to donate resources, money, and/or pro bono work, the receiving organization must have a Monitoring and Evaluation strategy that not only measures activities, but more importantly demonstrates progress toward the ultimate desired outcomes.

    Efforts that require accountability and contribution from the recipients will be weighted more heavily. Finally, a bias will be placed toward those initiatives for which an employee is personally donating their time.