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Operational Management
Business Development
Corporate Growth

David Bowden has extensive international corporate and operational experience in Energy, Resources and Infrastructure, specializing in corporate, asset and business development. Over the last 25 years, he has held senior roles with some of the largest energy and resource companies in the world, with responsibilities from corporate growth to operational management. His corporate experience includes managing and advising C-level executives on investments, economics, strategic planning, change management, governance and assurance. Operationally, David has successfully managed and/or developed multi-billion dollar international assets, established and led commercial and business development organizations, headed international marketing efforts and overseen engineering and projects development.

Career Highlights

Global head of Investment Appraisal and Authorization, ConocoPhillips
Vice President, Commercial & Business Development, ConocoPhillips
Senior Manager, Onshore Assets, ConocoPhillips
Head of LNG Marketing, Qatar Gas
Senior Investment Advisor, ENI
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)
Masters Applied Finance and Investment