Senior Advisor

Geoff creates products, companies and global systems that help people live better. He has spent the last 20 years designing business solutions to poverty that generate both social and financial returns.

About Geoff

Geoff Davis


Impact Investing
Private Equity
Venture Capital
Social Innovation
Inclusive Financial Services

Geoff is the CEO of the Sorenson Impact Center and joined the Center at a crucial time as they work to empower philanthropies, policymakers, and social enterprises with the data-driven tools needed to navigate three current crises: public health, economic, and social. These remarkable times require an equally remarkable skill set. Put best by their Founder, Jim Sorenson, “Geoff has dedicated much of his life to improving the lives of others, and this next step will continue to grow that impact. His leadership and experience will take the Center to the next level.”

Reflecting on his vision for the Center, Geoff emphasized, “There are so many strains on the post-WWII global system. We have a chance to be a leading voice in redesigning that system to make it more inclusive, more equitable, more just—to really help integrate impact into every decision that’s made across all aspects of society.” 

Prior to joining the Center, Geoff served as the CEO and Managing Partner of Cicero Impact Capital. Over his distinguished career in social impact, he has founded, co-founded, or advised more than 25 startups and impact-oriented investment funds, as well as served on the boards of 14 companies. 

Career Highlights

Chairman, Align17
Venture Partner, Arctaris Capital
Director, Perpetual Education Fund
CEO, White Hat Ventures
CEO, Unitus
Board Member,; Vittana; Juntos; Dignity Fund; World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council