Du Pre

Engagement Manager

About Jonny

Jonny Du Pre is an Engagement Manager at Cicero Group where his expertise spans business strategy and strategic decision-making. A sample of Jonny’s previous client engagements with Cicero are listed below:  

  • Works frequently with investors, performing strategic due diligence on potential acquisitions, often providing landscape assessments, answering key strategic questions, making “go” or “no-go” recommendations, and identifying potential avenues for growth. 
  • Multiple engagements providing third-party point of views on market opportunities and expected ROI for organizations planning horizontal expansions into adjacent markets, either leveraging current customer bases or targeting new customers.
    • e.g., Internet service provider that launched a mobile wireless service as an extension to legacy offerings among current customers. 
  • Helped analyze and recommend improvements for the operations of an interstate hospital system, identifying and mitigating pain points and bottlenecks at over a dozen sites, as well as recommending areas of needed expansion at some sites and consolidation at others. 

    Jonny spent time as a Sr. Strategy Manager at technology education SaaS company Pluralsight, where he “held the pen” on the product strategy for the flagship Skills platform, preparing materials to communicate the 3 to 5-year vision to the board of directors. Prior to joining Cicero Group, Jonny led a process-improvement initiative at Boeing focused on a SQL database and Tableau user interface for internal data about suppliers. Jonny also spent two years assisting an independent economic consultant in determining and reporting financial losses incurred by hundreds of plaintiffs in large class action lawsuits.  

    Jonny earned his Master’s in Management from the London School of Economics, completing courses in managerial finance, business analysis, corporate strategy, managerial economics, financial and management accounting for managerial decision making, organizational change, business in the global environment, and strategy and innovation in a global context, among others. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in business strategy where he gained a passion for everything strategic, learned from accomplished consultants, and gained hands-on experience doing consulting work for organizations across multiple industries.  

    Career Highlights

    • Associate, Cicero Group 
    • Sr. Strategy Manager, Pluralsight 
    • P&S Strategy Analyst, Boeing 
    • London School of Economics, MSc Management 
    • BYU, BSc Business Strategy 

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