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We're proud to be a member of the Qualtrics Partner Network. We're helping clients that are using the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform™ improve their overall experiences. Take a Look

Slide Expertise Our data-driven approach allows us to address real challenges across a wide range of industries and key domains. Explore Our Customer Insights & Analytics Capabilities Build Lasting Strategic Capabilities and Mobilize for Change Transform Financial and Operational and Trajectory Explore Operational Excellence Capabilities and Optimization Providing Value and Understanding to Social Impact Organizations Helping Build Sustainable Growth to Higher Education

Slide Our Services Offering traditional and individual advisory services designed to provide clients with strategic and technical guidance across a range of challenges. Advisory Service Offering Cicero Group’s advisory services are designed to provide clients with strategic and technical guidance across a range of topics. These services vary based on scope of services. Learn More Full Service Offering Cicero Group’s full service model is more keen to traditional consulting, and customized to a client’s specific business objectives. Cicero is involved from the beginning to lead in design, thought leadership, and execution of engagement. Learn More

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The first question we often encounter is "where do I start?" We've found that many organizations aren't achieving their goals due in large part to not asking the right questions. As a trusted advisor to Fortune 1000 companies, higher educational institutions and nonprofit organizations, Cicero Group excels at helping you to Implement Data-Driven Strategy. Get Started Now
"Cicero has really deep expertise in all forms of qualitative and quantitative research. They can use a lot of different techniques and they approach each problem as unique, tailoring the analytical plan accordingly.“ EVP, Global Services Provider "The support and guidance that we received from Cicero enabled us to pull together two years of work in the community and create an achievable plan for moving forward. Bringing in a neutral thrid party was critical for our success!“ Deana Hunt, SVP of Community Impact, United Way "For the same price and quality of one of the 'big guys,' Cicero not only delivers the recommendations, but they stick around to help you implement the programs and initiatives.“ COO, Multi-National Home Automation Company

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