Meeting Investor Expectations: Building Trust and Resilience through Impact Investing


What to consider

At Cicero®, we bring deep expertise and a genuine passion for driving impact and value. Through our specialized consulting services, we empower private equity firms to make informed investment decisions, optimize portfolios, and achieve extraordinary results. Apart from being named Utah’s Top Management Consulting Firm, our focus on people and impact allows us to deliver unparalleled value through our specialized expertise, tailored solutions, and client-centric approach.   

Impact and Investment Expertise in Combination with Agility and Adaptability
Our expertise lies at the intersection of impact and investing. We have extensive experience serving both private equity and non-profit clients thereby uniquely positioning us to approach each impact investing engagement in a bespoke manner. We don’t adhere to one framework; we tailor our research and measurement to align with each client’s investment approach and impact thesis. Due to our expertise, small size, and lean organizational structure, we can swiftly respond to evolving client needs, market shifts, and emerging trends allowing us to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with speed and efficiency, giving our clients a competitive edge.  

Evaluation Rigor
Our team approaches every investment as if it were our own money. We understand no two deals are alike; we evaluate each investment from a multitude of dimensions to provide maximum industry depth and impact insights. We apply a highly data-driven process to constructively pressure test investment assumptions and value creation opportunities. At all times, our emphasis is on ensuring value creation for our clients and their stakeholders.   

Holistic Service Offerings
Our due diligence services are just one of many areas we provide value for our impact investing clients. As a full-service consulting firm, we provide end-to-end value creation and partnership—whether that be pre-investment or post-M&A diligence, ESG risk evaluation, portfolio company growth support, targeted market research, or full-scale operations and transformation. Our impact investing cycle focuses on market and impact assessment, impact asset due diligence, portfolio growth and optimization, monitoring and evaluation, and exit planning.  

Economic Value and Nimble Resource Allocation
We pride ourselves on getting the most out of every dollar spent on diligence by our clients, without sacrificing quality. Cicero has developed a highly efficient process and team to challenge the status quo when it comes to the cost of third-party diligence. We carefully select and assemble project teams tailored to the unique requirements of each engagement, ensuring that our clients receive the right expertise and high-quality results while optimizing cost-effectiveness. We are anything but templated and no less thorough than the largest incumbents in the market. Cicero has become the partner of choice for many of the largest funds through our proven track record.   

Close Partnership and Strong Client Relationships
Cicero never works in a vacuum, only to return with a glossy report. We understand the importance of client collaboration and relationship building throughout the diligence and impact implementation processes. Every project is executed elbow-to-elbow with our clients to formulate trust, collaboration, open communication, and alignment in our approach and insights. We provide partner-level involvement on each diligence engagement to facilitate diverse perspectives, cross-validate assumptions, and provide idea sparring. 

Our 20 years of experience, award-winning expertise, excellence in fast-paced and demanding environments, and our unwavering passion for creating positive change allow us to provide the guidance and support needed to navigate the intricate landscape of impact investing. Our services include conducting impact asset due diligence, market assessment, portfolio growth and optimization, monitoring and evaluation, and exit planning. Partner with us to make informed investment decisions, optimize your portfolios, and achieve extraordinary results that resonate beyond financial success. If your firm is seeking to explore business opportunities through the specialized expertise, tailored solutions, and client-centric approach of Cicero, we encourage you to connect with Jacob Allen, Douglas Hervey, or Chase Harmon.

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