Higher Education

Business Process

Student Ambassador Welcome Call

Goal: Increase application volume, overall yield, yield of high-value accepted students, and enrollment by providing multiple, highly timely person-to-person touch-points
How: Utilize welcome calls to congratulate, answer questions, provide next steps, and give reminders

Post-Enrollment Verification

Goal: Increase enrollment yield through proactive outreach to admitted students, verifying proper student understanding while also responding to student concerns or issues of non-compliance
How: Promote compliance, track responses, cure misunderstandings, express excitement for students, and work with IT personnel to automate downloading of student information/reporting

Student Support for Financial Aid Completion

Goal: Increase student utilization of resources available to help pay for, or offset expenses for their education, increasing retention and satisfaction.
How: Answer common questions, leverage outbound calls, and route calls to appropriate individuals or office concerning the FAFSA or 1098-T

Student Retention Efforts

Goal: Help students at-risk or demonstrating challenges by connecting them with appropriate support systems and resources
How: Improve retention by responding to at-risk system alerts, conducting Root Cause Analysis, making appropriate referral to support systems, conducting personalized calls, and providing necessary resources

Alumni Employment Verification

Goal: Verify job placement of alumni and capture overall experience feedback to be leveraged for marketing and continuous school improvement
How: Conduct conversations with graduates and employers, provide easy-to-complete forms for reporting, capture feedback (regarding admissions, financial aid, career services, compensation, etc.), and work with IT personnel to automate downloading/reporting of information

Donor Solicitation

Goal: Increase university donations through proactive outreach and communication with alumni and organizations
How: Receive donor information and contributions, solicit funding throughout the year, contact lapsed donors to renew pledges, and regularly connect with appropriate alumni segments regarding services and events of interest for increased engagement with university


Supporting Enrollment and Student Growth

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