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Marketing in higher education poses unique challenges. Millions of dollars are spent each year by marketing institutions for prospective students, often with little capacity to understand or measure impact. For example, in online marketing, click-through rates for institutions of higher education are often below two percent, with cost per click for specific programs sometimes in excess of $50. Calibrated targeting, positioning, and messaging is critical for institutions looking to compete the enrollment process. Cicero leverages cutting-edge research and analytics to measure the impact of institutional brands; to accurately define and target prospect segments; and to optimize marketing mix, positioning, and messaging to improve marketing ROI in higher education.


Institutions and programs can rapidly outgrow their existing admissions processes, resulting in burdensome processes for prospective students, leading to frustration, consideration elsewhere, or delayed enrollment. In today’s competitive landscape, institutions with efficient, high-functioning enrollment processes have an advantage in prospect conversion. Our team will work meticulously to map each step of your admissions process, quantify prospect attrition in accordance with the steps identified, and develop recommendations that enable your institution to improve prospect conversion.


We help institutions identify and break down silos, define and open bottlenecks, and appropriately structure service functions. Our processes help institutions realize maximum effectiveness while driving efficiency and collaboration that span disciplines and geographies. We help create streamlined processes that result in measurable outcomes for your institution.


Supporting Enrollment and Student Growth

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Reduce Pain Points in Enrollment Operations

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Strategic Growth is Critical for Higher Ed Success

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Preparing for Fall Semester in the Time of COVID-19

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Enrollment Trends During the Great Recession

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Three Strategies to Recession-Proof Your University

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