Social Impact



Design, execution, and scale-up of a high-impact education alliance

Monitoring, evaluation and learning strategy (Phase I) and implementation (Phase II) for a healthcare-focused philanthropy

Strategic planning for an investment fund

Excellence in Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL)

Interview with Jacob Allen: Solving the ESG puzzle

The path to business impact: why and how of doing good

Expanding Portfolio Options

Cicero’s Unparalleled Consulting Expertise and Approach to Successful Outcomes 

Meeting Investor Expectations: Building Trust and Resilience through Impact Investing 

Combining Financial Returns with Measurable Impact

Impact Asset Due Diligence: Unleashing Financial, Relational, and Growth Advantages 

Exploring the Benefits of Impact Investing: Unlocking Hidden Value in Your Private Equity Strategy 

Applying an Equity Lens Throughout the Data Life Cycle to Drive Impact

Social Impact: Shared Value for Business and Society

Network organizations: Cicero’s view

Excellence in monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL)

Addressing four common M&E tensions funders and grantees face

Time-Tested Strategies for Monitoring and Evaluation Success (pt. 1)

Quantifying The Value Of Impact Investing

The Leaders Behind Leaders

Six Things Nonprofits Need to be Doing to Engage Donors During Recession

Upskilling and Innovation: Addressing the Skills Gap in an Unprecedented Recession

Podcast: Why Social Enterprises Must Use Data to Drive Outcomes

Donor Intelligence: Using segmentation to understand and engage donors to international nonprofits

Ten Strategies for Today’s Community Foundations

Economic Impact of Nonprofit Organizations

What We’re Reading: Corporate Social Responsibility

Jacob Allen Interviewed on Forbes by Devin Thorpe

Strategically Managing a Subscriber Base

Capacity Building for Service Providers

International NGO Donor Analytics

City-wide Collective Impact Strategy

NGO Impact Evaluation

Change Management and Data-Driven Process Mapping

How to handle missing data

Jacob Allen on Data-driven Strategy

What We’re Reading: Corporate Social Responsibility

Attrition Analysis Increases Funding

Patron and Donor Segmentation Yields Increased Support

Program Design and Delivery

Performance Management in a Complex Organization

Global Program Monitoring

M&E for National Training Collaborative

Interview with Matthew Forti of One Acre Fund

Jacob Allen Interviewed on Forbes by Devin Thorpe

One Acre Fund: Improving M&E to Improve Impact

Interview with Chris Conard of PlayWorks Utah

Lawrence Cowan on Data-driven Strategy

How to Maintain Customer Focus while Making Operational Improvements

Data-driven Change Management Strategies

Impact Evaluations: Choosing the Right Approach

Jacob Allen in Philanthropreneurship on Impact Measurement

Transforming Performance (Part 1)

Transforming Performance (Part 2)

Using Data to Fight Homelessness

Transforming Performance (Part 3)

Five Pillars of Data-Driven Social Sector Management

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Cicero Group is a premier management consulting firm focused on implementing data-driven strategies for a broad mix of private, public, and social sector organizations across the globe. We work with top management to assess needs and provide data-driven decision support to capture and build value in a variety of industries and across a full range of organization structures.

We bring deep functional expertise in advanced research and analytics, strategy, operational excellence and trajectory transformation to identify and capture value for our clients. These are the pillars of Cicero Group’s overarching purpose: Help clients create and continuously deliver extraordinary results.

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